Social media is the platform for all businesses to take their business to next level using different marketing tools and marketing strategies. The world has became a global village, it changed everything including ways of marketing. 

We all know that for doing business it’s better to do it according to the trend. Everyone is using social media and rather than going to buy things in the shops or go to the specific brand people first use to watch things on social media.

As it is not about the brand it’s about the customer and these days customer is much more social, people follow the social trends. To get the best from your business, it’s better to do its marketing on social media.

As 97% of marketers are using social media as a tool for best marketing and 78% of salesman sell their products through social media. But it is the dilemma that we have all the possible resources to increase our business but still, a lot of people don’t use social media as their marketing tool, almost 50%  of the small businesses are not aware of using this marketing tool of social media.

SMM & Best Social Media Marketing Tools

The term social media marketing (SMM) refers to the branding of products by targeting the social media applications (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) which are mostly or likely used by common people the more they see the product and its benefits the more the demand of product raises.

And the fact is that it also saves a lot of your money as well because it is less costly than older marketing strategies and it is also less time taking. Your profit i.e; benefits sometimes just a click of a button away from you.

List of 15 best social media marketing tools:

1- Audiense:

It is one of the most important tools of social media marketing. Your audience is your customer and for selling something, customer is the basic thing who buys your product and for this it is necessary to satisfy his/her with your product.

And social media is providing this platform to you so that you can easily interact with your audiences and make them comfortable with your ads and your sayings regarding to your product and its benefits or prices. By this you can make a healthy and smooth relationship with your customer.

2- social bakers:

This is the social media marketing company which also acts as a useful tool for a seller to sell his product by knowing your performance or the performance of your competitor.

So that by keeping your one eye on your competitor you can make your content much better and make more effective marketing strategies to attract your customer.

It provides you content which audience love to watch It is used by big and renowned brands like L’Oreal, McDonalds or Toyota for doing marketing over social media.

3- Visual Story Telling:

The best technology we have these days is visualization. Visualization has a great impact on the mind and heart of the customer. Human brains catch visuals 60,000x faster than text so one can increase their sale purchase through this visual storytelling tool.

Like on television we use to watch the ads in which the brands or companies portray some stories or add extra visual effects to the picture that directly goes to the heart of the customer which give a kick to them and they automatically move to their product.

4- Hootsuite

It’s a renowned company made in 2008 by Ryan Holmes. It was not that much useful at beginning of its launch but know when social media has taken over on everything this became the most important tool for marketing because by using this platform every company or brand can easily handle a lot of social media accounts at one time just by using single dashboard.

This will help them in uploading every post on every social media account easily according to the scheduled date and on terms at one time.

5- buffer:

It is software that enables the user to schedule their posts on different social media applications and along with this it also has the main feature in it that it analysis the result as well as it makes it easy for the producer to communicate with its customers.

6- Lithium

It is a social media marketing mandate for nowadays business. It uses to do first and foremost thing for your business and that is the mindset of the customer. It made it through its campaigns that arouse conversation between the dealer and buyer.

It engaged the customer loyally across social, web and community. It manages campaigns and content related to your business which is stuffed with analysis as well.   

7- Tag board:

The use of hashtag increases with the increase of trends and more and more social apps sign in. This tag board uses the hashtags to search for your brand or business and helps the user to collect it from public social media easily.

It empowers your story within a second to the world top social media applications which already are having more than 10,000 of businesses by using the hashtag. And this made your brand story as a top trend on the site within a few seconds of the post.

8- sprinklr:

It offers the world most comprised enterprise social media management system through experience cloud technology platform. It helps the brands to create best optimized social media experience which their customers love to have. It helps you regarding the effectiveness of your content. It monitors your competition, audience engagement as well as the market trends.

9- Follower wonk:

It is one of the top 100 social media marketing software’s. It is specifically designed for users of twitter. It enables the brand influencers in a specific situation, in relationship with friends and brand competitor and optimizes the brand campaigns that engage the followers.

It’s most important feature is to search or collect information from any profile, or even check the location of the followers; it expands the audience, and increases the business goals. It also enables the usage of keywords to search in twitter and compare them against followers.

10- Sendible:

It increases your collaboration with your client through its google analytics integration. Through this you can post the content according to the client you can post it individually or in a queue it totally depends on you how you prefer to engage your client.

It gives the reports to the team or client on weekly, monthly or sometimes daily basis just to give transparency. It sets an individual dashboard just to give organized work or to improve communication while sending the content to the client.

11- MeetEdgar

Like all above mentioned social media marketing tools it also enhances your business but it offers a unique feature in it as well and that is the autopilot posting of your posts scheduled in it and they also have this feature that not a single post will be same through their auto variation system.

If you are less prone to social media then it is the best choice to boost up your business by spending less time on social media and gives lots of benefits to your business. It is the best content manager.

12- Buzzsumo:

It analysis what content is best for your product and your competitor. If you want to leave your competitor in dust it is the best tool. It basically act as a research tool, which do complete research about your competitor or your product and client that what suits best to your business. It gives keyword and analysis of the content of your competitor so that you can easily leave your competitor at the back.

13- Missinglett_r:

It provides a year worth social media content at its best by scrapping your blog post content. It gives back to back content for your online branding. At least after having this, you can skip one thing from you’re to-do list because this creative side social promotion would be done by someone other and the time left from this you can serve it in writing a long blog for your brand. It also has this additional feature of templates for content creation.

14- Design Wizard:

As viewing has more impact than listening so this tool gives the business holder more than 10,000 design templates and over 1.2 million images have been in stock. This gives a very strong image of yours by its super fast and unique visual content which the brand can change or edit according to its demand having the custom color palettes. It also ensures the protection of copyright on your content.  

15- Canva:

It provides the best of graphics and templates to the user which attracts the client. It is a cheaper marketing tool which easily makes your brand more seen and popular due to its visual strength. Its best feature is drag and drop and moreover, it has more than 2 million graphic elements which made it easier for the brand to customize their image without having a designer.


Social media is the only platform where you can easily display your product and get to know the response of people by staying at one place and you can collect it from the whole world. By using such social media marketing tools you can easily expand your business in limited time and along with this, you can also leave your competitors in the dust. Just the right choice at the right moment is needed.