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Lean Manufacturing Principles

Lean Manufacturing


Leans manufacturing system is an efficient method to eliminate waste and increase productivity. There are certain tools and techniques of lean manufacturing, and their ultimate goal is to eliminate waste and non-value-added activities at every production or service process in order to provide the most satisfaction to the customer.

Implementation of lean is used for increasing productivity, improvement in product quality, improved cycle time, reduction in inventory, lead time reduction & eliminating of waste.

The history of lean manufacturing reveals that the concept of lean manufacturing was first adopted by Toyota Company in 1950s.

Lean Manufacturing Principles


Specify Value:

  • Express the capacity of accurately specify value from the costumer perspective, or what he’s willing to pay, for both products and services.
  • Lean manufacturing defines the value of a product with the customer point of view.
  • Customer don’t mind how hard you work to create the product.
  • Customer will evaluate the product by looking at how well this going to fulfill their requirements.
  • Customer don’t need to pay for the defects that removed from production lines.

Identify the Value Stream:

The first principle of lean manufacturing is to Identify all the value-added steps that are involved in the value stream by eliminating the steps that doesn’t add value at all for each product family.

Create Flow:

The 2nd principle of lean manufacturing is to create a smooth process flow. In order to create a smooth flow of the process, all the value-added steps should be in a tight sequence so that the process runs smoothly without any interruptions towards the customer across the entire value stream.

Pull System:

Make only what the customer has ordered. Focus on the pull system rather than the push system and manufacture only according to customers demand.

Seek Perfection:

The 5th principle of lean manufacturing is to head towards perfection. Once you have identified the value and value stream, removed the unnecessary steps, created the smooth flow along with pull system, now repeat the process until you reach the perfection.

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