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12 Online Business Ideas to Make Money in 2019

Online Business Ideas to Start in 2019

Almost everyone can start a business online but sometimes it is very difficult to figure out what to do. There are so many different ways in which you can make money online these days; the only key is to stay consistent in order to get results.

Below mentioned are some ideas that can help you get started along with a few useful tips through which you can kickstart your online business or take it to next level.

Start a Blog

 Starting a blog is the first and foremost method of generating great income. You can monetize your blog in certain ways like displaying ads from Google AdSense, or you can use some other networks like info links, propeller ads etc.

Displaying ads is not the only way to monetizing your blog as you can do affiliate marketing to promote affiliate products to earn commissions. There are certain affiliate programs that gives pretty good commissions on every sale. In order to learn more about best affiliate programs to use in 2019 check this post.

Blogging might not earn you money in one go but with being prompt, steady and consistent this can get you more than $500 per day in the long run.

Becoming a blogger is not only just a good way to earn money but it is also a great opportunity to become more vocal and expressive regarding your views while also providing fun, educational, captivating and interesting content to gain followers.


 It is a really good way to earn money and gives you the upper hand on how you want to earn money. Making money through freelancing is entirely dependent on the skill set of the freelancer that how much money are they able to make with their freelance career.

Freelancing is as simple as matching with a market necessity all you have to do is work on your skills and make the best out of them.

There are certain freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour and guru to kickstart your freelancing career. Graphics Design, web development, app development, video and animation and technical writing are the most demanding categories nowadays.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to generate a lot of income just by promoting other’s productions. This is an online business where you can get a commission for promoting something.

 You can use certain social media platforms to promote products like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. There are some popular affiliate programs that offer pretty good commissions up to 10 to 30% depends upon the products you’re promoting.

Virtual Assistant

This is another great way to earn money. There are many professionals out there are looking to hire virtual assistance. The job of virtual assistant is to manage all the digital tasks like doing research, responding to emails, client management, scheduling appointments and multitasking.

Another job you can do from the comfort of your home. All you are going to need is a phone, laptop and internet access.

Once you are hired as a virtual assistant, you will be required to send and receive emails, calls and etc. It’s a great way to earn money online.

Online Tutoring

 If you are good at a particular subject then this is another easy way to make money for you. You can teach any learner in the world including the United States, China, etc. Majority of the students require online help in doing their assignments.

VipKid  is an platform where you can earn upto 22$ per hour by teaching English to Chinese students. It’s an amazing platform to get started with teaching.

 Online Consultation

 If you are a health or a fitness expert or you have just finished your Engineering or MBA then you can start earning money by consulting others. you can provide weight loss tips and services if you are a health expert or business management and planning services if you are an MBA.

Build Apps

 If you are someone with a flare for software engineering then you can literally earn from it. Nowadays the apps store is littered with all kinds of apps. If you don’t know anything about coding nothing to worry about, you can use some online tools to build apps without coding like appmaker, gamesalad, appy pie and appery.

You can build games, puzzles, lifestyle apps, anything and everything and upload it on the app store. As soon as people start downloading and using your app, you can start earning from it. Also you can monetize your apps by displaying ads of Google Admob.

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Selling on Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest websites where you can end up selling anything that either you have made or designed. It is the best place for people that do crafts and handmade things. So if you are into designing themed goods, candles, crafts or any other hands-on stuff then Etsy is a fantastic way for you to make money online.

Selling Courses Online

This is something that is expected to get really big in the coming years because there is a big movement towards self-education and people are trying to learn things online rather than going through the traditional route.

Selling courses online is a great way even if you haven’t really built up a huge audience or anything to make a fair amount of good income.

This online business can also be really passive as well because all that you need to do is make a course on something that you are interested in followed by filming it, editing or maybe writing a script and get done in around about three to four days. Udemy is an amazing platform to sell your courses.

Starting a Youtube Channel

There are so many ways to make money off of youtube. Youtube may seem like a saturated platform but it doesn’t matter as there are so many people watching Youtube every single day. Start by making your own channel looking into that kind of niche which you are interested in.

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Food Home Delivery Business Website

There are several benefits to being a virtual assistant but attracts the people towards it more than any other is the chance to make money from home. You can make money from the comfort of your home by being a virtual assistant and all you have to do set your hours and prices according to your clients’ needs.

Tourism Guidance

This is one of the best ideas for starting up an online business if you reside in a tourist area. You can register on a series of websites to advertise your services while providing tourism guidance.

Above mentioned top business ideas are a sure way to bring you success if they are followed in the right manner. You can easily get a strong position in the online market with the help of these ideas. Internet users have been growing rapidly, therefore, creating an online business is a good way to grow in less time while also enjoying the freedom to live your life.

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