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Top Affiliate Programs in 2020

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing in which you sell other people or companies products and you get commission for every sale that you make using your marketing techniques, blogs or social media. There are certain affiliate programs that pay pretty well commissions per sale.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2019

This is the guide for you if you want to learn about the top affiliate programs in 2019 to earn money online. Whether you are in the lookout for top paying networks, programs through which you can monetize your blog or if you are a beginner and just getting started then you have come to the right place because we have gathered everything for you in this guide to get you on the track to your success.

Click Bank

ClickBank has a huge range of products available ranging from digital to health services. You can start promoting thousands of products just as soon as you have signed up. One major benefit of promoting digital products is that they generally pay with much higher commission.

Amazon Associates

This works just like any other affiliate program. Once registered on the Amazon website you can start by advertising products and earn commission for any of the products that has been accessed through your advertised link. There are a variety of products to choose from on Amazon and no matter what niche you choose there is always going to be an audience.

Shopify Partners Program

Shopify affiliate program offers 200% commission based on the subscription price and the referrals that sign up. It is one the most popular and famous e-commerce websites, builders’ platforms and a point for providing sales software.

For each paid signup through your own referral link you can earn an average of $58 and for each plus referral you can earn up to $2000.

ShareASale Network

This is a large network that is offering various options to make affiliate promotions through. ShareASale has around 1000 merchants that use this platform to list their affiliate programs and they can be easily accessed through this network.

Click Funnels

This is the site for you if you are looking to have your dream car paid for. All you have to do is refer 100 customers to the Click Funnels and they will in return cover the payments on your dream car.

Being a Click Funnels affiliate you will also get the opportunity to ear through their other top-level services and products. Click Funnels send their affiliates a commission of 40% for the sales sent their way by their affiliates.


This is very similar to Amazon and allows its users to promote their choice of products so that the users are always able to promote something relevant to their audience.

GearBest Associate Program

GearBest associate program is another opportunity for the affiliate marketers to generate a lot of income by choosing products of your own choice from the thousands of products available of various categories.

Sign up for GearBest Associate Program and get 5$ bonus on your first click. Also you will get more commissions than usual in the first 30 days after you join the program.


This is the affiliate program for you if you are looking to turn your passion into a successful online business venture. All you need to do is use their tools to create a website, attract visitors to it and lastly earn amazing revenue.

This affiliate program was created by Kyle and Carson in the year 2005, their main aim was to help people succeed online through their own ideas. Wealthy affiliate program has grown to a community of 800,000 online entrepreneurs.


It is a cost-per-action and one of a kind ad-based affiliate network. They have been operating since the year 2009 and were ranked as number one in the Blue Book for the year 2015.

PeerFly due to having a rigorous signup procedure for the protection of their advertisers, they can take up to three to four days for the approval of your application.

Due to their custom-built platform they have a new adaptive system and can also add new features as compared to the other networks.

Flex Offers

This according to the Blue Book for the year 2015 and 2016 has been in the list of top 10 affiliate networks for performance and revenue.

Flex offers website provides various programs from popular brands and well-known niche markets. They also create product content for the purpose of marketing with the help of their in-house editorial team.

To choose which affiliate program works the best for you is the hard part but there is no number limit for the affiliate programs you sign up for. Therefore applying for one now will not affect your chances of applying for another one in the future. Instead, the crucial thing is to get started now. It doesn’t matter which programs you’re using, the thing that matters is the online strategies that you’re using to make sales. Check out these below related products and take your affiliate marketing game to next level.

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