Starting a business is not an easy task; it’s not impossible either. All you need to do is to gather the following ingredients to take the first step to start your own business from the following small business ideas.

  1. Passion
  2. Will Power.
  3. A Strategic Plan.

You need to figure out your passion for knowing what you would like to pursue, because once you crack the code and discover your passion, you will realize your heart and mind are on the same pace, and you’ll eventually do good.


Will power? Because being startup entrepreneurs require a lot of energy, motivation, patience, and positivity. If you are 100% on-board and willing to go for it, then, by all means, you MUST! In case your will power is shaky and doubtful, it’s possible that you’d mess up.

All top businessmen didn’t just become tycoons overnight. They used their wit and creativity into mapping out a strategy that served them well in the future. So plan before you start.

Business is a roller coaster kind of field, where ups and downs are expected, but the best entrepreneurs are those who plan their strategies for gain and loss.

In a time of loss, they know how exactly to get back on track because they have already mapped out the strategy.

When you have all these ingredients, you can go for a startup business. All great businessmen started off with small businesses, slowly and gradually with investing their dedication, they became top-notch businessmen.

 So, if you are good at something, and you know you can use it as your business, then what are you waiting for? Just remember, that having a small business in the start never means you are not doing enough, or you are going to slow.

Just keep yourself dedicated to your business, and invest your creativity more often, soon you will flourish from small to multinational businesses. 

15 Small Business Ideas to Start in 2019

Here are some small business ideas which will help you figure out your field of expertise for a small startup business, let’s take a look!

1- Use your academic skills by being a Tutor:

If you are good at school/college, and you pretty much are your friends’ last-minute teacher before exams, then you have got skills that you can earn with.

Use your skill to deliver your expertise in a subject by earning from it. It’s a good startup.

2- Makeup Artists have much demand:

This era is all about the perfect blended makeup. If you are self-taught or a certified MUA, you can start your business.

Now there are endless possibilities; you can be an online-based makeup artist on youtube or Instagram. Or a home-based, where you can make appointments or be hired by clients.

So many MUAs started as home-based entrepreneurs and now have salons or makeup brands in their name.

3- Become a Photographer:

One of the best among small business ideas is photography. A single picture is worth a thousand words. But a perfect picture is worth a million words, and only if captured perfectly.

If you have skills in photography and have much appreciation from your friends and family. Start your own business, there already is much demand for photographers in the market, because let’s be honest who doesn’t love pictures!

4- Hairstyling/dressing?

Same as MUA, you can have your own youtube channel or Instagram for your hairstyling/dressing techniques. Or you can be a home-based one, where you take appointments and be paid for.

5- Your organizing skills can make you Event Planner:

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a well-planned event, whether indoors or outdoors. This covers the food, the decor, the theme, etc.

If you have good skills at organizing and have been an organizer throughout your life, you can startup being an event planner and earn for what you are good at.

6- Animal lover? Have fun and earn walking dogs:

Who doesn’t love dogs? If you are need of money and you can’t actually come up with any possible startup plan, you can always narrow your list down to what you possibly can do and still earn.

Walking dogs for your neighbors is one of the ways you can earn, plus you’ll have fun too. Later on, you can invest in this business and start an online dog walking service, where people can easily hire you.

And expanding it more, recruit more walkers under your brand name to earn on a larger scale.

7- Has your OCD considered Housekeeping?

You can yourself or hire employees to provide housekeepers to clients. Many people with tight routine cannot maintain their household; they need a housekeeper to organize their household or deal with cooking. If you are good at this, go for it.

8- Home-based Baker?

So many bakeries lagged behind home-based bakers because of their skills. Everyone wants a customized cake or cupcakes etc., which home-based bakers provide.

If you don’t have enough money to open your own bakery, you can always start at your own house. Plus, they are in demand too.

9- Or be a Chef on rent:

Good at cooking? Be a chef. Now, same as a home-based baker, you can be a home-based chef. You can be hired for events or gatherings to cook and be paid for. Or you can cook at home on order, and earn.

10- Blogger and Vloggers are taking over:

“One of the small business ideas we love!”

Most flourishing business in the internet world is a blogger or a vlogger. There are different categories you can blog/vlog about, from lifestyle to fashion, from motivational speakers to lifehacks, entertainers; you name it.

11- Consider freelance writing:

To pen down content is a skill not everyone has if you are good at writing. Go online, and be a freelance writer. Take an offer according to your expertise, write, and be paid for. There is number freelancing like Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour where you can sell your writing services.

12- Startup a Delivery service:

Courier service is much demanded nowadays too. If you can’t think of any other possible startup business. Then consider the delivery service. Be a courier and deliver stuff to people on-demand and earn. 

13- Web Designer or Graphic Designer?

Web designing or Graphic designing are highly paid online jobs. If you have skills in the web designing or graphic designing field, then start taking offers for your work.

Design a website? Earn money. Design a logo? Earn money. You can do this while sitting at home right in front of your computer.

14- Online Sellers:

Online selling is the real deal. You can start up your business by having a Facebook or Instagram page, and sell goods like clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc online.

Since many people prefer online shopping nowadays, this will help you have a good startup business. If you don’t have any products to sell you can start affiliate marketing i-e to promote other’s products and earn commissions.

We have gathered information related to top affiliate programs to start affiliate marketing in 2019. Check this post to get more information related to affiliate programs that are best.

15- Good with cars? Open a repair and car wash garage:

Having knowledge about cars and their spare parts, you can always have a garage for repair. Or on a low scale, wash a car, and earn money. Both together works even better.

Final Verdict:

Starting a business is not very difficult but the thing that matters the most is how you engage your customers and what marketing strategies you’re using to promote your business. Check this post to learn about the best online marketing strategies that every business needs in 2019.

We hope that you found this guide on small business ideas full of information, tell us which idea you think is the best in the comments bar below!