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Job Description of Marketing Executive

Before going ahead for the job description of the marketing executive let me tell you about who is the marketing executive of a company? He or she is the one whose goal is to maximize the company’s profit for which they are hired. And they do this through their excellent marketing strategies.

He or she can do this by matching the client’s requirements, or by promoting their brand, product, and services. Also through their ideas which can benefit both customer and company.

His job is to develop effective campaigns to stimulate their products and brand. He works in the areas of advertisement, market research, sales, production, and distribution of products in the market with other employees as well. He keeps check and balance over all these things. He also has to deal with online websites and all social media accounts.

Responsibilities of Marketing Executive:

  • Organizing budgets
  • Checking the performance
  • Managing social media campaigns
  • Do data analysis
  • Maintaining websites
  • Writing and proofreading the content
  • Look after the company’s promotional activities
  • Gives unique and creative ideas
  • Work for identifying targeted audiences
  • Tracks sales data
  • Plans meetings with the clients
  • Accomplishing company’s goals


  • Prepares marketing plans
  • Work within brands guidelines
  • Monitors rival performances and activities
  • Deals with public relations


He has those skills which make him separate from the rest of the people in the office:

  • Good teamwork skills:

He must be aware of working in a team. He knows how to lead a team. And know how to take out the best work from the team in a limited time. He takes the whole team with him and works accordingly but by taking the benefit of the company in front of his eyes.

  • Communication skills:

He must have good communication skills. He is good in his dealings. He deals with all the clients in that manner so that they come back again and again. He also treats his colleagues and clients in a very impressive manner so that they don’t feel shy in discussing any problem or queries to him.

  • Best in planning:

He always has some backup plan ready. If any sudden problem occurs in online marketing regarding brand repute. Your campaign won’t respond in that manner which you expect then he must have some backup plan. Or his planning is that strong that there was no loopholes left behind. And their marketing campaign stood best in all and company earns benefits from his planning.

  • Know IT:

He is aware of information technology or computer science.  Marketing is totally based on social media or online websites. And they all run on the computer or the internet so he must be computer literate. He has that skill to conquer any online battle with his best of IT skills.

  • Excellent writing skills:

As he has to deal with the social media platforms or all the online websites of the company so he must have to write the content of the product or brand, write articles or blogs regarding the product. So he has good and attractive writing skills, which attracts the clients, which convinces the client to sign the agreement with this company.

  • Innovation:

The innovation lies in all aspects of life. But it is the most important key in the business of marketing. Due to innovation, you can attract many customers to your product.

  • Courageous:

Difficulties are part of life. Obstacles may come in every field of life. So he should be courageous and won’t be afraid of difficulties. He only knows to move forward. He is passionate about his work never lose hope if ever fails.


He must have an attractive and straightforward personality. He is well dressed and intelligent. He won’t seem a dishonest person, because when you work in a market people won’t like dishonest people. Who makes a false promise? He should be strategic and must be witty. So with little weirdness or wittiness, he remained in people’s minds.


Degree of bachelors is acceptable in marketing business but additional degrees like an advertisement, IT, communication, and business are also acceptable for the job of marketing executive.

Employers will love to hire those who have a little bit of experience with studies as well. That those who have experience and an appropriate degree are highly appreciated in marketing jobs. As they have to directly deal with the client who is beneficial or harmful both for the company. It totally depends on the man who is dealing with the client. So his experience matters a lot.

If you want to become a marketing executive you must be comprised of such qualities. If you found such qualities and skills in yourself then you would apply for this post easily. And if you don’t have these qualities or education but you are eager to join this post, then after reading this article you can add these things in yourself, and make yourself capable of this post.

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