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Job Description of Sales Executive : Duties, Qualification & Salary

After hearing the words “sales executive” the fist and foremost thing which comes in the mind is that who is a sales executive and what are its duties. And what is the purpose of his post in any business or his role in any company? Before moving towards the job description of the sales executive, let’s find out who is a sales executive?

The sales executive is the one who acts as a bridge between the organization and the client. He removes all the queries of both sides. He eliminates all the hardships that come in the way of a fair relationship between the client and their organization. He ensures the betterment of relationships which ultimately results in more sales of their product. The sales executive encourages services and products to the client and arranges contracts with the goal of maximum profit.


Sales Executive duties include:

  • Regulate sales visits.
  • Increasing business.
  • Managing records
  • Take part in meetings, exhibitions, or conferences.
  • Negotiate contracts.
  • Work on achieving their company’s monthly targets or yearly targets.
  • He prepares reports by summarizing information.
  • It’s his foremost duty to maintain good quality services by enforcing organization standards.
  • He adds his efforts to team efforts so that in the end they all achieve their goals and targets which their company sets.
  • He sets his one eye on the market trends so that he can leave the competitors behind through neck to neck and healthy competition.
  • He made it possible to remove all the bad or negative things from their products and lead it towards its improvement so that the client loves the product due to its novelty from the rest of the products found in the market.
  • He maintains a healthy and peaceful relationship among the client and the company by giving them advice which is beneficial for both of them.
  • He ensures the accessibility of stock for sales.
  • He took participation in conferences and exhibitions on behalf of the company.


Sales executive must comprise of following mentioned qualities so that his qualities become the way forward for the company towards success:

  • Passionate in meeting goals before the deadline.
  • He must focus on an outstanding relationship between the customer and the company.
  • He should have the creativity of the next level so that with his creative ideas, he can increase the profit of the company.
  • He must have impressive presentation skills.
  • Emphasis on the excellence of the product.
  • He always makes sound and extremely beneficial sales planning.

Key Skills in sales executive:

  • Extreme Patience
  • IT knowledge
  • High Confidence
  • Best Numerical skills
  • Most importantly maturity


Every field of life needs basic knowledge so that to get the maximum output from there. Sales executives also need to have basic knowledge regarding things. He must have a bachelor’s degree.

But the staff hired for specific industries like medical, pharmaceutical, health care, or technical sales should have the proper knowledge. Any degree is acceptable in this field but industry related to the above-mentioned fields should have appropriate knowledge because it is a matter of life and death of a person. He must be completely computer literate. Proficiency in English is also needed.

Relevant experience is also mandatory for this job. Because if the person shouldn’t have relevant experience regarding the job so how could he work in a professional manner for maximizing the profit of the company, or in the relationship with the customer. And you should have the proper knowledge and experience to tackle all the sudden problems.


Their salary varies depending upon the industry, its income, and profits. Some may give the handsome amount but some may give below the line. It totally depends upon the performance of the company. Basically their salary is commission-based.

They also get benefits i.e; lunches and health care benefits (insurance) as well. Or sometimes they also get a company car on their best performance for the betterment of the company or organization.

All the individuals are motivated to join this field having the best interpersonal skills. Do multitasking, and have a strong grip on both written and verbal expressions. He must have a high patience level.

As it is part of the job to deal with such people without knowing their temperament.  Because you are not aware of the customer’s temperament, behavior, or what they need and how they react. He must have the potential to meet up to the client’s wishes and concerns.

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