Initially one should understand manager: Who is a manager? The manager is one who knows how to manage everything regardless of their profession. They should be capable of managing everything. He should have the best leadership qualities.  He knows how to take their team with him. Every field has its experts who best suited to their managing field.

Marketing is a component of business management. It refers to the relationship between the customer and the owner.  Marketing is the promotion of the business, how a company promotes its business to connect to their customer.  They work to reach the goals of their brand and to reach to the mind of their customer.

As I mentioned above that every field needs a manager and so they have a manager for them. Same like all the fields marketing also has a rank of manager, to manage things. He takes the company from the bottom to the top through his outstanding managerial skills. He lines up the strategy in the benefit of the company. He is responsible for developing, executing or implementing different strategic plans for the company. He would be great marketing or business leader. He knows how to increase the sales and growth of the company.


Every job needs an education. In know-a-days, no one gets a good job without having a proper education. Usually, companies demand bachelor in management, business, economics or some administrative sort of degrees for the post of manager. But few brands or companies also demand a master’s degree for the same previously, mentioned fields.

Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

  • Analytical mind
  • Make marketing strategies
  • Design social media strategies
  • Give presentations
  • Computer literate
  • Manages budget
  • Write proposals
  • Fully aware of market trends

Communication skills:

He should have smooth and best communication skills. He feels comfortable in communicating with business people or their clients. He should be aware of dealing with tricky people. How to handle those people? These skills are highly necessary for day-to-day dealings. He should be capable of doing face to face meetings, or on telephone calls. He uses the best of skills to enhance the business.

Writing skills:

He should have effective writing skills. That whatever he thought should be expressed in his writings. So then the clients get attracted to your brand. He needs to be brief and he knows how to play with the words. He should have to write proposals for his clients.

Administrative skills:

As the manager has to run the whole company so he should have the best organizational skills. He knows how to interact with his team. He knows how to expand the business, how to run a successful campaign in a limited budget. He coordinates well with his team.

Social Media Skills:

The marketing manager should be an active participant in social media. He should run campaigns for the marketing of the brand or company. To engage with his audience, design new strategies to get a good relationship with the customer. Through this, he can put an eye on his competitor that what they are doing and how they are doing, and what response they get on their strategies. Through this, he can put his competitor in the dust. By keeping engage on social media he can also know what people like the most, or what kind of mindset they are having regarding things. And how well they are going with their products and campaign?

Analytical skills:

He should have an analytical mind. And can judge and resolve all the problems before they land. He can forecast all the trends and challenges. So that their company would be secure from any loss.

Creative skills:

He should think put of the box. He comes up with new ideas, new renditions in old concepts. So he should bring new strategies in the market to increase the name of the company or brand. He thinks creatively or innovatively.


He should have past experience of 2 to 3 years in this same field. So that he can handle all the problems efficiently. For the fresher, it would become a bit difficult to handle all the issues or in understanding everything all at once. Experience in public relations, sales management, or business management or strategy development is also useful for this job of the marketing manager.