If you just started your Instagram account or an Instagram business, it can be overwhelming to get followers. As you are still new, nobody knows you and you have to prove yourself and make a way up to the top. And to be honest its not a piece of cake, but it’s possible provided you put in your efforts and work hard to achieve it.

It can be hard to get the first 10,000 followers on Instagram BUT don’t try to buy fake followers as it can lead to banning your account. Keep reading as we have got you covered with some tips and tactics in this article to grow your Instagram audience size. Let’s get started!!

7 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers



Yes! Posting consistently is very important for your Instagram account to stay active and on top of the feed of your followers. It will also help you gain followers. I can not emphasize this enough as posting daily, or more than once daily will keep your audience hooked to your content leading to more engaging posts and more followers in turn.

It is also essential to have a consistent theme running through all your posts that shows a coherent picture, displaying your personality, taste, and colors. This strategy will entice new followers when they feel that they will get something by pressing the follow button.

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As much as posting daily and consistently is essential, so is post appropriate #hashtags and captions. Posting a pic with a detailed and explanatory caption helps get follower’s attention, and trust and use of the right hashtags will keep the content alive in the newsfeed of the followers. The use of the right hashtags will make it easier for people to find your posts using that term for searching. Try using popular hashtags, you can find them using the Instagram app for searching.

The use of the right hashtags will expose you to a broader audience and a specific audience that you want to target. Instagram only allows us to use 30 hashtags to be used on each post, these hashtags can be found using some free tools offered by the Instagram app, it includes Display Purpose and Focalmark. Focus on writing long and descriptive captions to let the audience have a more in-depth insight into your content. Be creative with your caption writing skills and play with words. Put your best out there!  

Right Time:


Posting at the right time or time suitable for you is crucial to keep your following engaged. You have your own specific tie where most people in your followers are online, and a post at that time will bring more audience and followers.

You can determine the best time for you to post your content using Instagram analytic tools like Iconosquare and Buffer for Business. You can also determine this by experimenting with what time works for you and what does not.



Some studies show that screens can have an impact and can also bring traffic to your Instagram account. You can determine what filters are liked by your followers and what does not catch their attention. You can use Iconosquare to keep track of what you go to filter.



Instagram is offering some excellent tools that will help you up to your game and that too for free, which will help you bring more followers to your Instagram account. With the help of these tools, you can find out necessary information like the prime time for you to post, your active and inactive followers, your engagement rate, and many others. Here is a list of tools that we use for our Instagram account:

  • Iconosquare: help provide information about analytics and your Instagram followers.
  • Webstagram: helps with digging out best and effective content appropriate hashtags.
  • Curalate: helps you grow your brand and bring traffic to your account and sell your products effectively.

With these Instagram analytic tools, you can get a clearer picture of what direction you should proceed to gain optimal results.



The impact of collaboration with other influencers and brands is astonishing. It will help you reach an engaged audience and will definitely increase your following. You can even directly ask an influencer to give a shoutout by explaining your brand or business perspective or also ask for account takeover, this will bring their audience to visit your profile and increase your following.

Collaborations do help even small influencers; you just need to convince them with your skills that you are worthy of it. One other way is if you have a small business you can send your products to these influencers to review them and post on their feed and ask their audience to follow you, you will see how positive reviews will help you grow your business and Instagram account.



The sky is a limit when it comes to promoting your business and Instagram account. Start thinking out of the box and use tremendous opportunities to promote yourself using different other social media handles.

Think of how you can divert your audience and fans from Facebook, Twitter, emails, and others to your Instagram by providing them links or giving them your user name. provide the link (it’s easier, everyone is lazy, hey at least I am honest!) It becomes easier to follow your brand on Instagram as people already know you and the services you are offering.



Hosing giveaways will help you gain following but with some tricks and tactics, and here is how:

  • If you have a small audience and you want to start a giveaway to achieve the following, use your other social media handles like Facebook, websites, and others to make everyone aware of the giveaway and ask them to follow you on Instagram for more details and to enter giveaways.
  • Make your audience aware of the giveaway beforehand.
  • You can use tactics like tag your 5 friends here and ask them to follow your account to enter the giveaway.

This strategy will definitely help you gain more exposure to the audience and will also help bag more followers, but if you are a brand or a business, this will not always help as you cant always do it, you want more sales and not give away your products for free.



Instagram started off as a picture sharing app. Instagram is full of high quality, attractive, and cute picture that captures attention right away. To stay active and to have increased following, you have to follow trends and post photos of it. Whenever there is a trend circulating around, jump on the bandwagon, post pictures with a hashtag, and detailed caption, who knows you may get viral and become famous. But don’t forget your audience, whether they’ll like it or not and follow trends meaningfully and with a purpose and ohh! Sometimes for fun.



As obvious as it sounds, it works. Sometimes Instagrammers visiting your profile need to be nudged to follow you, and you can do that by merely asking them to follow you. How YouTubers at the end or start of the video invites you to subscribe to their channels and follow them, you can also ask them to support you. Let me know what they’ll get by following you. That will help and push people to follow you and will help you gain followers.


DONT’S OF GROWING FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM: Although it’s tempting to grow followers on Instagram instantly but know slow and steady wins the race. DO NOT (read again!) try to buy fake followers. A sudden rush of followers of Instagram can lead to your account banned. Also, it’s illegal.

Gaining followers on Instagram is a slow process, and none got there overnight, and you will also get there slowly and steadily provided you put in efforts and follow these above tips and tricks. Give your best, be patient, and see followers and recognition coming in.

Try to be creative, cheerful, and spread positive vibes with your account, and it will bring in the right audience.  Also, focus on having an engaged following instead of a dead following with no activity and response, engaged audience will bring revenue for your business.

Good luck! Let us know how these tips and tricks helped you!!