If you’re using Instagram and want to earn money using Instagram (your favorite social media app) then you’re at the right place. Instagram offers social media enthusiasts to land a job with their exceptional skills to bring home the bacon. Instagram has become the focal point for many brands and businesses as millions of users actively use the app, helping and promoting new business.

You might have heard about countless success stories from Instagram where users are making names and fame so, why not make yourself one of them? Yes, it is not very difficult to earn some bucks through Instagram! However, it does require effort and consistency to get to the place you want to. We have a 101 guide for you to start earning right away.

Before going into the details and ways of how to make money on Instagram, here are few things to start with:

Don’t have an Instagram account? 

You can skip this if you already have an account!

Making an Instagram account is as quick as counting 123. Yes!! It’s that easy. Just download the app, signup using your email, or via your Facebook account (whatever floats your boat), fill up your username and set a password and you’re logged in to your Instagram account. Welcome to the Instagram world!!


Fill up your bio however you want to,  make sure it looks stylish and compelling for others to follow. Leverage your audience with a cute profile, as it’s your first impression to your followers.


Now you have an Instagram account; the next thing to do is gain followers. Start with posting Instagram worthy pics with cute captions to attract traffic to your account. It is essential to publish high-quality pics, as Instagram started off as an app for sharing pics, and the competition is high! Although more audiences will bring more money, everyone starts at “zero.” So, don’t worry, you got this!

Posting content daily will lead to your account being active in the Instagram world and will attract followers. DON’T (read again) try to buy the fake following. It considered a fraud now. A few thousand followers will be enough for your Instagram account to start paying you.


It is essential to interact with your followers to gain their trust and to have an engaged following. It’s important for your posts to be engaging, now engagement of Instagram means people liking and commenting more on your post rather than just viewing your post, which isn’t very beneficial. Keep reading as we will give tips on how to interact with the audience in a better way.

Moving towards actual money ways, let’s get into the thick of things:


An influencer is a term that is randomly thrown a lot these days, but an influencer is someone who leverages his/her audience by building a reputable name by creating and sharing its unique content. You can work as an influencer by posting sponsored content for various brands.

A sponsored post features a product or brand with product appropriate #hashtags. Brands partner with influencers to spread the word about their products or business, and it helps them get closer to the audience and influencer who’s trusted among its followers. It can be hard to keep your integrity and revenue balanced, but you have to be selective in choosing the brand or product you endorse as your followers trust you,  and you don’t want to endorse a brand which is not actually good enough because that will ruin your reputation and you don’t want to lose your integrity at any cost.

Use hashtags indicating about sponsored content like #sponsored in the caption, so it may not look deceiving to your audience. Create your own story with your style on how that product fits your needs. And create a demand for it as that’s what the businesses want from you.


In simple terms, it means promoting others’ business and products, and you get paid on every sale. It can be done by affiliating with these brands and creating content for them. Usually, a post is created with a URL provided by the affiliate, and that way, sales will be tracked and paid accordingly. These types of sales are usually fuelled by offering discounts using specific “promo codes” compelling followers to visit the websites and buy products.

This type of marketing is popular among clothing and makeup brands where you can post an outfit of the day (OOTD) post alluring people to buy these outfits, and the same strategy goes for makeup products.

This can be a great idea if you have some good makeup skills, can rock a stylish outfit in different ways, and if you love traveling, you can also convince people to buy those travel packages and book hotels and restaurants using your link in your post or bio.


If you’re thinking of starting your own business, then Instagram is a great way to promote your business and can prove to play an integral part in growing your business and earning a name. You can come up with an idea from selling unlimited physical products like clothes, fashion accessories, makeup products, and many others to selling digital products like offering a course you’re expert in, eBooks, or sell your photos if you have a knack of photography. You can create countless options for yourself by working on your ideas.

Show your skills on Instagram using right #hashtags to pull the right audience as that will benefit you in getting access to influential agencies to grow your business. Having a good number of the following will increase your chances of selling your products and making a profit as generally, followers like to buy your products as they’re your fans and adore you, pro tip: make them love you!!. Also, don’t miss out on making your customers satisfied with your services as a lot of people rely on reviews given by these customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business.


If all the above seems like a slow and hefty process, then managing other influencers’ Instagram accounts can be your go-to option. Yes! You can manage accounts and earn money. A lot of Instagram influencers and businesses require someone to manage their accounts, as posting daily, creating engaging content, and staying active with an increased following can sometimes be overwhelming. You can offer to manage their accounts by convincing them that they “need” it and how your services will help their business flourish. Directly get in contact with these brands and businesses and show you can be that person who can do that job for them.


If you’re tired of Instagram and thinking of quitting it for whatever reason, please know that having an Instagram account with a good number of followers can still be money for jam. Sell your account and make money.



We have compiled some tips for you to make the most of your Instagram account with your talent and our tips:

  • Learn to use the app and tools efficiently.
  • Don’t buy fake followers.
  • Be real, don’t copy others content as it’ll lead to bad reputation later, also copyright issues.
  • Promote yourself on other platforms
  • Be active, interactive, and engage with your followers.
  • Know your worth and build your credibility.

It’s not hard to earn money on Instagram as long as you love and use Instagram.   There are endless possibilities out there for you to take a plunge and become the next big thing by turning Instagram into a source of income powered by your followers and creative content. Best of luck!!


Frequently asked questions?

What is the difference between an affiliate marketer and an influencer?

An influencer creates awareness and builds credibility for a brand in exchange for a commission while an affiliate works towards making more sales and get paid per sale.

How many followers do I need to get started?

Although, it’s important to have a good following above 5000 followers, keep in mind that everyone starts from the bottom. The more the followers the larger will be the $$. But don’t try to go for shortcuts as it won’t be beneficial. Slowly you can grow your followers. Right direction and content and activity can bring followers quicker, then you can imagine.

How much money will I make using Instagram?

Once you know how to follow the above blue, the sky is the limit on how much you’ll make. Also, the more the followers, the more the money.