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Job Description of Digital Marketing Manager

Who is a digital marketing manager? This is the foremost question that comes in the mind of a layman. Before describing his or her job one should be clear about who is he/she? What is his/her job?

The digital marketing manager is the one who works for the betterment of the company or organization through online platforms. Digital marketing managers work through online marketing campaigns via social media platforms, e-mail, or advertisements on social media.

He is a full-time employee of a company. He needs to sit in the office and work with his colleagues. But sometimes he has to go outside to meet the clients and encourages them to work with their organization.  It’s his or her duty to increase the company’s website traffic or its sales.

He manages all the online channels of the company and worked more and more to increase the traffic of the channels. They have to make liaison with graphic designers and the buyers to put the company at the heights of the market where they are competing with many more companies. 

He worked as a mentor for his team and guides the newcomers in this field with the best of his knowledge and experience. He provides guidance to the service providers to make sure that the contracts are fulfilled.

He looks over the budget of the campaign and the deadlines of their contracts or goals. He can also take an eye over his consumer’s engagement through the marketing tools. 

Skills He/She Must Have:

  • Strong communication skills:

He or she must be good at communicating with the clients. So that with their good and attractive talking skills they can encourage many of the customers to work with them. 

  • Extreme analytical abilities:

They have the best analytical skills to evaluate organizational trends. So that with their best analysis they can guess the upcoming challenges before they arrive. By having this quality they can secure their organization with lots of challenges, by curtailing them with their best of knowledge. And don’t let their company suffer from difficult circumstances.

  • Must have Leadership qualities:

He/ she must have extreme leadership qualities. To get the best result you need to work with the best team and to run the best team you need to have the best leadership qualities. And take the whole team with him. And work in a healthy environment so that they get the best results. 

  • Strong writing skills:

They must have good writing skills. As a digital marketing manager, they have to write a lot of things regarding their products on many social media platforms. So they can attract many customers towards their brand. So that he can communicate with his customers. They need to work on Content writing, blogs and e-mail writing, or many more things, so they must have phenomenal writing skills.

  • Adaptability with the changing digital atmosphere:

He/she must have the capability to work in a challenging environment. As this digital space changes within seconds, trends may change with no time. So he has the adaptability to work in any atmosphere. He has the ability to think like a consumer so that he can make policies that attract consumers. He won’t be afraid of trying new things.

  • Technical abilities:

He must have outstanding technical abilities. As they have to manage many electronic mediums so they should be good at dealing with them. It is an important part of their job to deal with all social media platforms. 

Responsibilities of a digital marketing manager:

  • Can manage online brand awareness campaigns.
  • Make effective strategies.
  • Plan the budget of the campaigns
  • Evaluate the customers and competitors data
  • Have the best knowledge of new technologies
  • Improves the website and design with new trends


He must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or any degree related to this field of digital marketing. Obviously he must be computer literate. He knows about social media marketing strategy tools. And knows how to use them for the benefit of the company or the brand?  

This job description can easily make it understandable for the people who have such skills to apply for the post of the digital marketing manager. One can understand from this description that he or she is capable of this post or not.  

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