What is a CRM Software?

 Customer Relationship Management is crucial for all sizes of companies as it works to strategize a particular business. It covers a wide area of activities and interactions that take place between a customer and a company as well as those that take place within the company.

CRM software helps the companies achieve their goals of effective and efficient customer management relationship.With the new advanced features, the CRM software not only helps the company sell more but also makes sure that the customers are provided with the best products and services.

List of Best crm software

Below is the list of top 15 CRM software to begin your business with.

1- Zoho CRM

2- Insightly CRM

3- SalesForce CRM

4- Freshdesk CRM

5- HubSpot CRM

6- Bpm Online CRM

7- Copper CRM

8- LessAnnoying CRM

9- Sugar CRM


11- Pivotal CRM

12- Base CRM

13- Velocity CRM

14- LeadMaster CRM

15- NetSuite CRM

Every CRM software has its own importance and benefits but we have gathered some information related to the top 5 best CRM Software mostly used in 2019.

Top 5 CRM Softwares to be used in 2019

For your convenience, we have compiled together a list of top of customer relationship management software below with their pros and cons.


With a complete and thorough customer relationship life cycle management solution this CRM software empowers the organization. It helps the organization manage in a single business system the process of sales, customer support, marketing, and inventory management.

Pros – It offers a huge range of email marketing tools as well as innovative features of gamification. For up to 10 users available Zoho offers a free edition. It offers comprehensive reporting and has impressive work automation features.

Cons – Work automation features are only available to those that have the professional edition.

2. Salesforce CRM

It is considered by many to the number one leading CRM software. It has various product ranges for different sizes of companies and industries. It helps the teams to boost their productivity and sales as well as manage leads and in closing the deals.

It can do all this just by the user’s email and browser. It is integrated CRM software that covers the sales force automation, marketing, campaign management, customer service and much more. Also, users can choose different plans according to their current business needs.

Pros – It works smoothly. It has numerous advanced features and is highly customizable. It provides social collaboration. It provides a free 30 days trial pack.

Cons – No functionality in the lower tiers. The learning curve is steep. For accessing more advanced and next-generation features it gets really expensive.

3- Insightly CRM

It is another CRM software with project management tools. It is easier to organize contacts and manage link address books, leads, tasks and emails due to its powerful and updated features. Users can manage tasks and projects with the built-in PM feature.

This software generates reports based on activities and opportunities. It offers many third-party integrations as well as mobile support and a premium plan.

Pros – It helps to track emails as well as templates. It has granular settings for sharing purposes. The reporting capabilities are improved due to power BI integration. The mobile application has expanded workflow management.

Cons – Only the professional and enterprise plans bearers can access the lead assignment rules. The email forwarding is not automatic. Contact and lead information split into two separate tabs. Leads do not have pipelines available.

4- Less Annoying CRM

It takes the expense and complexity out of adopting customer relationship management software with just one subscription of $10 per month.

It simplifies the process of implementation despite lacing the whistles and bells the competition has.

Pros – It is simple, low priced and has multiple active pipelines for every lead.

Cons – The reporting is basic. Within the application, there are no notifications of lead handoffs.

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5- BPM Online CRM

It is online based customer relationship management software for sales, marketing, and service solutions. It is a multi channel application for marketing allowing the specialists to support and create ongoing communications with the clients.

Pros – It performs task automation. It has personalized tools for ad campaigns and event planning. It has automatic triggers for marketing campaigns.

Cons – Short trial period. It doesn’t directly work with other social networks.

Customer relationship management software has many benefits. They improve customer relations and also help in generating revenue while increasing the opportunities for selling premium products. With the help of the CRM software, the internal communication within the company is also improved. It is a crucial tool in today’s interconnected and competitive world. 

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