What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is crucial for all sizes of companies as it works to strategize a particular business.

It covers a wide area of activities and interactions that take place between a customer and a company as well as those that take place within the company.

As a business strategic software, it has the function to help the company understand its customers, help the company in retaining their customers as well as guide the company in scoring new customers while increasing profitability and winning new business deal along with decreasing the costs of customer management.

With the advancement in technology and growth in the internet users, CRM software has also become more customizable and scalable to better for the needs of its user.

CRM software now available has super strength engines for analysis, automation, prediction, and operation streamlining.

List of Top 15 CRM Software

CRM software helps the companies achieve their goals of effective and efficient customer management relationship. With the new advanced feature, the CRM software not only helps the company sell more but also makes sure that the customers are provided with the best products and services.

Below is the list of top 15 CRM software to begin your business with.

1- Zoho CRM

2- Insightly CRM

3- SalesForce CRM

4- Freshdesk CRM

5- HubSpot CRM

6- Bpm Online CRM

7- Copper CRM

8- LessAnnoying CRM

9- Sugar CRM


11- Pivotal CRM

12- Base CRM

13- Velocity CRM

14- LeadMaster CRM

15- NetSuite CRM

Every CRM software has its own importance and benefits but we have gathered some information related to the top best CRM Softwares in 2019. Check out this post to learn more about the top CRM Softwares in 2019.

Major Benefits of CRM Software

The first most important function of CRM is related to the company’s contacts. As the business client and customer base progress it is very difficult to have the data updated and organized, therefore one major benefit of CRM is that it provides the company with a system where they can organize their data in a beneficial way.

This proper contact overview also helps the company in running the process of sales more smoothly. 

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The other benefit of using CRM is that it keeps an overview of the reported sales and provides the details to the company. This is done by the CRM software by different metrics such as deals and calls that are made.

This is extremely ideal for pipeline management. Tracking the booking progress and outreach also helps the organization to better manage its revenue.

Another vital function of CRM software is concerned with customer segmentation. It is all about customer segmentation these days whether it is the digital marketers or the sales teams.

This is essential for personalization efforts but also breaks down the prospects in different groups, for instance, it targets in understanding how big the deal made is and its location plus more. This majorly provides the sales team with a lot more focus on their work.

Customer Relationship Management has various benefits. It improves customer relations while leads to generating revenues provides selling and marketing opportunity of premium products as well as helping the company understand the needs of their customers to better provide to them.

The CRM software also improves internal communication within the company. It is a crucial tool in today’s interconnected and super competitive world.

It not only has use cases fo customer management but also for vendors, employees, and other business partners.

As every organization is unique with its own set of rules and needs, therefore the CRM software available today not only address the common basic requirements but it also provides customizations and flexibility.

Many of the CRM companies in addition to all also offer training materials to begin with, supreme client support and other different services.

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